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When it concerns task, you ‘d have a hard time to think up anything more ideal than being paid to relax all the time having a wank. For one lucky lady that dream is about to become a truth, as a UK adult store is marketing a job for an expert sex toy reviewer.The full-time

task which will see the candidate working two days from home, and 3 days in the workplace pays a salary of ₤ 28,000 a year.They will also be entitled to time off on their birthday, private health care, marked down gym subscription, and a yearly staff retreat.

An 18th century sex toy. Credit: PA Images

Their responsibilities will consist of screening lingerie, sex games and toys, and writing and videoing evaluations of the products. And – in case you were wondering – the videos will be recorded after, not throughout, item testing.A representative

for the company
– poopooman 5000 (@Matt_Guajardo) That tip was supported by psychologist and life coach Medical professional Cliff Arnall.He told the Metro: “I would expect a masturbation policy to result in more focus, less aggressiveness, greater performance, and more smiling.

“Certainly, taking a masturbation break for boredom or an escape would increase work focus.”

However, he did state there might be some restrictions: specifically that you do not fantasize about a coworker while you’re at it as this could result in ‘cognitive disability’.

He also said it would be very important that the individual does it discreetly and quietly so they don’t make anyone else feel uncomfortable.Apparently the UK sex toy market is worth around ₤ 250 million every year, which I guess given masturbation’s near universal appeal, isn’t really a surprise. Included Image Credit: PA Images Sun Aug 20 2017 19:33:13 GMT +0100( BST)Sun Aug 20 2017 19:33:13 GMT +0100