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U.K. police recently made their first arrest using facial recognition software following a series of trials at large-scale public events. According to authorities, the man was arrested three days prior to the UAEA Champions League Final June 3rd while South Wales police were conducting their most recent experiment with the high-tech surveillance. Cameras linked to facial recognition software were located around the stadium, local train station, and designated police vehicles to monitor people in and around the city center.

Details surrounding the arrest have not been released, but authorities confirmed the man was a local resident “unconnected” to the Champions League Final.

police spokeswoman described the goal of the surveillance trials that weekend:

The facial recognition technology is currently being tested as proof of concept, in order to determine its potential and feasibility within a challenging, real-world policing environment.

The UCL has clearly provided a perfect testing ground. While early indications are proving positive, we will continue to develop our understanding of its capabilities and its limitations.

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