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This is huge — with Brexit negotiations starting, France’s new President and Germany’s finance minister have confirmed that the UK can change its mind on Brexit. Up til now, no one’s been sure if it’s legally possible to cancel Article 50. Now we know we have a way out of this nightmare!!

One person’s not listening: Theresa May. She has no mandate for hard Brexit. No leverage with Europe. No clear plan. But she’s just carrying on regardless.

If her negotiations with the EU fail, the UK could crash out of Europe with no deal — the hardest of Brexits, devastating our economy. Even the Chancellor says it would be a disaster! But now we have an alternative: reverse Article 50. Sign the petition below with one click to demand that no deal means no Brexit, then forward this to friends and family:

Click now to say no deal means no Brexit

To Prime Minister Theresa May and all ministers:

The government called an election to get a massive mandate for hard Brexit, but instead, it lost its majority. Now, as the French and German governments have confirmed that the UK can reverse Article 50, and it becomes clear that a ‘no deal’ Brexit would have devastating consequences for Britain, we call on you to commit to rescinding Article 50 if we fail to reach a deal with Europe.

Sign the Petition (UK Residents)

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