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As the world watches the rapid transformation of Qatar from wealthy trusted ally in the West’s War on Terror and host to US CENTCOM, the most important US overseas military installation, to having President Trump declare Qatar “… historically being a funder of terrorism at a very high level”, the bigger question is whether Saudi Arabia is next.

All the elements are there. Qatar, for all its pretensions, is small potatoes. Saudi Arabia has for decades provided the ideological foundation and generous funding for terrorism. When President Trump accused Qatar of supporting “extremist ideology” and funding for terrorism he could just as easily have substituted Saudi Arabia and been even more truthful.

From Chechnya, Afghanistan and Al Qaeda to ISIS and the alphabet soup of terror groups in Syria; Saudi Arabia’s hands are dripping in the blood of innocents…plus, the Americans know it and can prove it, if and when its convenient to do so.
For years the Takfiri/Jihadi conglomerate has had a raw and rough face that is the Saudi brand…think Bin Laden, Zawahiri, Taliban, Baghdadi. There have also been the Takfiris in Suits or Tuxedo Takfiris as one commentator has called them. This has been the province of Qatar and to a lesser extent Turkey, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait…Morsi, Qaradawi and Erdogan are the well known faces of this Wahhabi-Lite, Muslim Brotherhood version.

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