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In 2015, the latest year for which figures are available, the median annual household income in the United States was just $56,516.  In just five months in office, President Trump has  already spent over twice that much on furniture and other home furnishings for the White House alone – all with tax payer money.

According to Mic report, “Federal procurement records for the Executive Office of the President show that through May 31, Trump spent $133,053.95on office furnishings versus the $51,204.25 clocked by Obama’s office during his first five months on the job.”

For those unmoved my words, Mic has pictures, too.

Trump spent about $133,000 on White House furnishings through May. Source: American Bridge/American Bridge, Federal Procurement Office


Obama spent just over $51,000 on furnishings in his first five months. Source: American Bridge/American Bridge, Federal Procurement Office

Trump’s flippancy with tax payer money is a bit surprising, given the amount of time he spent badgering President Obama for otherwise routine expenditures any normal President accrues.

Also, as he never hesitated to remind us during the campaign, Trump is quite wealthy, and he could have easily paid for the remodeling himself with the change underneath the cushions of his infamous golden chairs, we’re to believe.

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