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President Donald Trump’s first G-20 Summit has come to an end and he absolutely nailed it at the meetings in what he was able to accomplish. America wouldn’t know that was the case by reading the mainstream media who twisted his time there to sound unsuccessful, while the foreign press praised our president for what they saw. On one of his final days in Germany, he sent a blunt message to everyone there after seeing what they all did

The other leaders at the summit today seemed to forget that the U.S. has a different Commander-in-Chief than who they’re used to and tried to force Trump to do something without considering who they’re dealing with. Trump didn’t just refuse and stand for what he has always said he represents, he sent a bold message in the middle of a picture he posed for shortly after with the defiant thing he did that has proud conservative citizens cheering for our incredible leader.

If there’s one thing that contributes to Trump’s trend of “winning,” it’s that he doesn’t care what other people think and stays true to himself, regardless of any amount of pressure he’s put under. These attributes were well-received by Americans who elected him as our president, realizing that the country needed a big change from a history of career politicians in office who can be easily bought and act counter to what’s best for the country. Everything Trump does is different than what we’re used to, including the unapologetically American message he sent in the middle of his picture with other world leaders at G-20 today.

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