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Once upon a time the most powerful square mile in the World is now being eroded by (dis)May’ed Tory Regime.
The BREXIT negotiations, or rather lack of them, now causing major Banks to leave what was The Trading Capital of the World !!
Great Britain soon to by lying in tatters after BREXIT and Tories have raped the Country and caused outright division.

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain may have left it too late to convince major banks that it can strike a deal to soften the impact of Brexit before they start shifting jobs from London.

Top executives at five of the largest banks in the capital told Reuters a staggered deal on leaving the European Union is only likely to be agreed late on in talks with Brussels, meaning they have already begun relocating staff.

And a more conciliatory government tone towards business, having largely refrained from engaging with corporate leaders about Brexit ahead of last month’s election, may be too late.

“The timeframe for when we wanted a transitional deal has already passed,” an executive at one global bank said, adding it had taken a decision to move hundreds of roles to continental Europe regardless of what the government does.

Finance minister Philip Hammond said last week that Britain should push for a transitional deal to help businesses, while the government held its first high level meeting with corporate leaders in months to discuss Brexit.

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