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POTUS Starting War on the Open Internet

Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and a host of other tech giants will join with online activists, librarians, minority rights and free speech groups today in a day of protest against the Trump administration’s plans to roll back rules in what critics charge is a “war on the open internet”.

The “day of action” – which supporters claim will be the largest online protest in history – comes as the new head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the US telecoms and media watchdog, prepares to defang tough rules protecting internet access in the US following pressure from cable companies and other internet service providers (ISPs).

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Trump’s trying to turn the world’s internet into an information highway for the rich where the rest of us have to pay for speed and access.

He’s dismantling the net neutrality our community won years ago. But a global outcry stopped this before, and it can again.

The regulator’s public comment process is open right now and they’re not expecting a flood of international pressure at the last hour — let’s surprise them with a wave of internet defenders and stop this internet death star that would destroy the free and open web for everyone!

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