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The left and the media are in full-blown panic mode right now.

They’re literally losing their collective shit over a “meeting” President Trump’s eldest son had with a Russian lawyer, which amounted to absolutely nothing.

This, according to people like Tim Kaine, is grounds for “TREASON.”

You know, the stuff the DEATH PENALTY is given for.

Kaine feels that the Trump family has committed treason and should be punished accordingly.

Yes, America, this is what is wrong with our country and our cess poll of a government – it’s no longer about “facts,” it’s about propaganda, political posturing, and sensationalism.


From Breitbart

You don’t have to be a seasoned Kremlinologist steeped in the chicanery of klepto-thugocracies to realize that America really dodged a bullet in last year’s presidential election.

Of course, the media is presently in total meltdown upon learning of emails indicating that Donald Trump Jr. wanted his father to win the election and was so sleazy as to actually meet with someone (a lawyer from Russia!) who supposedly had dirt on his father’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

My goodness, the Trumps have really sullied politics in this country!

The Clintons would NEVER search for dirt against a political opponent. Just ask Bernie Sanders, Vince Foster or Barack Obama. (The conversation with one of those three would be a trifle one-sided.) Or Monica Lewinsky!

And if they ever did accidentally stumble upon the dirt of an opponent, the Clintons would be TOTALLY forthcoming about it when asked about it. It is the Clinton way. Just ask Ken Starr.

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