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It had been a less a situation of get rich or die tryin than get solvent or die tryin. The rapper 50 Cent has achieved his aim and emerged from personal bankruptcy, having to pay off financial obligations in excess of $22m (17.6m). An American federal judge discharged the rapper from personal bankruptcy on Thursday in a hearing in Hartford, Connecticut.
The rapper, who burst to the music scene in 2003, filed for chapter 11 reorganisation in 2015, citing financial obligations of $36m and assets of under $20m. Judge Ann Nevins approved a plan in July with 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson III, to repay about $23m.
Jacksons lawyers stated Thursday he compensated from the five-year plan early with $8.7m of their own money and $13.65m he received inside a recent settlement of the legal malpractice suit against other attorneys.
50 Cents path to solvency was not smooth. Among individuals he owed money to was Lastonia Leviston, with whom he had to pay $6m after obtaining a sex tape she created using her boyfriend, adding their own commentary and posting it on the internet.

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