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Screen Shot 2017 05 31 at 3.24.40 PM - Iranian ships charge at USS Nimitz strike group in Persian Gulf; US fires flares; Iran complains

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps(IRGC)stated the U.S. Navy’s USS Nimitz Strike Group fired”unprofessional”warning flares in a”provocative”conflict with an Iranian overseas oil platform in the Persian Gulf on Friday, according to Iran.However, the United States Navy said the Iranian vessel was approaching at a”high rate of speed” while the USS Nimitz was on regular patrol in the location.(Twitter)The Islamic Republic News Firm (IRNA) said the IRGC reported that the Nimitz and another ship approached the Iranian offshore oil platform, fired flares and flew a helicopter near the vessel, which is equipped by the IRGC.

“The Americans made an intriguing and unprofessional move by releasing a warning and shooting flares at vessels,” inning accordance with a Then, after interactions were established, the Iranians performed a “gun workout,” firing into the water away from the American ships, the report stated.The fight happened Friday afternoon and the Navy ships left the area afterward, according to a report.The U.S. Navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet had no immediate comment, according to the report.Last week, on Tuesday, a Navy ship fired cautioning chance ats an Iranian patrol boat in the Persian Gulf.< a href =""target="_ blank"> Video of the shots being fired has since been launched. The Iranian boat, believed to be run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, came within 150 backyards of the USS Thunderbolt, a Cyclone-class patrol ship, that was associated with an exercise with other American vessels in the Persian Gulf.