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President Donald Trump watches the U.S. Women’s Open round 2 on July 14, 2017 at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, N.J.(Image by Elsa/Getty Images)

It’s tough to see how July might have gone much worse for President Trump.It was exposed that, contrary to his repetitive persistence, his kid had been tipped off about Russian efforts into interfere with the 2016 election– and had welcomed those efforts with open arms. Trump signed no new legislation, and saw his main policy focus, health care, collapse yet once again on Capitol Hill. He lost his press secretary after working with a questionable new communications director, and then took pleasure in the spectacle of that new hire providing an incredibly repulsive on-record interview to a reporter about his chief of personnel, who resigned the next day. Trump took a trip to Europe to satisfy with other world leaders, and returned house to uncomplimentary evaluations of his discussion with Vladimir Putin. The one that the White Home told press reporters about, that is.But the month wasn’t a total wash! Trump handled to squeeze in a minimum of 7 rounds of golf during July and

, with the exception of one Saturday he was stuck flying back from Europe, struck up one of his individual companies on each weekend day. Silver linings to clouds, etc.< img data-hi-res-src =""data-low-res-src=""data-raw-src="" src=""> Since July 31, Trump’s visited his own properties on 57 of the 193 days he’s been president, a rate of once every 3.4 days. He’s played golf once every 5.8 days– or, a minimum of, that’s exactly what we presume, because the administration never actually confesses he’s playing golf. In some cases, as he did on Sunday, Trump will merely head from the White House to his golf club in Sterling, Va. for four hours approximately and not tell journalism what he’s doing. Periodically, photos will leakage on social media of Trump on the links or some other individual will confess to being part of Trump’s foursome, but the administration wants to keep it unclear obviously so that they can pretend that maybe he was in fact just in meetings.On nearly half the days that Trump wasn’t overseas in July, Trump visited one of his residential or commercial properties, a greater rate than other month. The only month where Trump visited his own properties as much as he did in July remained in February, but he played golf less frequently then. When Trump returned from Europe early this month, he didn’t even trouble returning to the White Home, heading straight to his club in New Jersey to view the U.S. Women’s Open. Had that occasion not been occurring(and if it hadn’t rained last Saturday ), it’s safe to assume that his golf tallies would have been higher.(In lieu of golf on Saturday, he swung by his D.C. hotel.)Play the video game: Where was Trump that day?Why does this matter?, Trump fans will ask. For a couple of reasons.First of all, it matters because Trump repeatedly insisted on the campaign trail that he would play little to no golf as president, considering that he ‘d be so hectic .(He repeatedly berated Barack Obama for playing golf; Obama dipped into a rate of once every 8.8 days. Trump’s playing at a rate of when every 5.8 days. )It matters that Trump’s communications group will not merely admit that he’s investing a great deal of time playing golf, which they likely do not do since of those campaign-trail pledges, but which they must because 1) it’s apparent and 2)it’s typically more effective for a president not to hide his actions from the public.Second of all, it matters that Trump goes to properties that are owned by his private business because each of those journeys functions as a de facto advertisement for the property, leveraging Trump’s main position on behalf of his personal interests. Exactly what’s more, those trips cost the public a great deal of loan. His jaunts to Mar-a-Lago cost $6.6 million simply to safeguard the center from the air and water. If he remains at the&White House, those expenses are just part of the day-to-day operation. There’s likewise likely some direct flow of cash from the government to the Trump property (for leasings, and so on) but it’s unclear how much.Third, it matters due to the fact that it’s unusual for a president to spend a lot time far from the White Home doing non-president-related things. His calendar this month has been fairly sparse, but, in addition to hitting up his private golf clubs and his hotel, he’s also discovered a great deal of time for watching tv. This schedule is practically definitely tied into the paragraph with which this short article began: Trump invested hardly any time encouraging Republican senators to elect the celebration’s health-care bill and enough defected on it to offer him a black eye.He spent at least 24 hours playing golf. Did he invest that much time on health care? He invested a weekend literally just enjoying a golf tournament from inside a glass box at a course he owns. Could not that time have been much better used?One can just wonder: If Trump spent more of his time doing the important things one might anticipate of a president and less time on the putting green, would his July have been such a political catastrophe?