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Airport security queues for Brexit

Liberty of motion is just a great concept when going on holiday, according to a Brexit twat who voted to prevent it.Arsehole Simon Williams, who voted Delegate’keep forriners out ‘, has actually been stuck in a passport line for over six hours as a consequence of the increased border checks he’s been repeatedly demanding on his Facebook page.Williams, who was currently in a bad mood after

receiving eighty-eight cents for his Terrific British pound, is now a mere 6 hundred metres from the complete body scanners. “I said increased border checks need to keep the foreigners out.

I stated nothing about me going on vacation to among their countries,”he told us.”If you read my blog, it clearly states ‘put an end to the flexibility of movement of highly-skilled, workshy immigrants coming here ‘not the liberty of motion for me to invest a fortnight on an EU beach that falls within the advised security standards.” On the other hand, EU authorities warned border checks within the Schengen zone would stay at a heightened level to stay out the sort of people Mr Williams composes about in block capitals.Top EU male, Donald Tusk, stated,” These queues are a mere trifle to the relatively unlimited human centipede Mr Williams will endure every August once the UK has actually left the EU. Quick boarding or no fucking speedy boarding.”But Williams struck back, including,”It’s an outrage. We might have been taking pleasure in a complete English down the St George bar in Mallorca by now.”

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