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Screen Shot 2017 04 20 at 9.29.19 AM - North Korea vows attack on US; 'thousands-fold' revenge will come over export sanctions

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has actually threatened”thousands-fold”revenge on the United States following United Nations sanctions on its exports.The North Korean state-run media firm out of Pyongyang has actually pledged to assault the United States following a United Nations sanction that would cut North Korea’s export revenue by $ 1

billion, or about a 3rd. The sanctions ban North Korea from exporting coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood.”We are prepared to strike back with far bigger actions to make the U.S. pay a price for its crime versus our country and individuals,” North Korea Kim Jong Un reportedly stated there are more “gifts” for the “American bastards.”

Its newest test was July 28. said that President Donald Trump states there will be war with North Korea over rockets, specifically if North Korea continues to threaten to aim ICBMs at the U.S.