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A teenager in Melbourne, Australia who went paddling at the beach is now recovering in health center after parts of his feet were consumed alive by a mystery flesh-eating bug.Sam Kanizay, 16, went to Dendy Street beach in Brighton, a residential area of Melbourne, for a paddle after a football game on Saturday. Rather than have a relaxing soak, nevertheless, Sam’s feet and ankles got covered in a swarm of flesh-eating bugs, which nibbled at his skin and triggered him to bleed profusely.After he came out of the

water, he discovered that his legs were covered in blood and was required to medical facility to be treated.Sam initially thought

he ‘d merely trodden on a rock, but the bleeding was coming from all over his ankles and feet. When he got to the hospital, the medical professionals likewise weren’t sure exactly what had actually caused the holes that had appeared in Sam’s legs.The nurses at the health center could not say for particular, but guessed that the flesh-hungry animals could be some kind of sea lice.So his daddy, Jarrod, chose to head off back to the Melbourne beach to investigate

for himself, equipped with absolutely nothing more than a net and a large slab of meat. Since Australia.Jarrod managed to catch rather a great deal of the little people utilizing the meat, and brought them back for screening at Sandringham Healthcare facility, Victoria.”I have actually put meat into a net and they’ve grabbed onto that like no tomorrow. We have actually brought them house and they ‘ve simply connected themselves to this

meat,”he told Mail Online.

“They’ve drawn the life out of it.”

Jarrod tape-recorded the animals doing simply that. Caution: It makes for some pretty grim viewing.Sea lice are marine parasites that feed on the mucus, skin tissue, and blood of host fish. However, marine experts have stated this case is uncommon.”I’ve been doing this beginning Twenty Years now,”marine biologist Michael Brown told Daybreak on Channel Seven,”and I have actually never ever seen anything like this”. Sam is hoping to be launched from hospital today, now that his injuries

have been dealt with. He has likewise been biopsied, to check that there are no animals living inside his wounds.The occurrence doesn’t appear to have actually put people off from swimming in the sea there.

A Brighton local told the Sunday Early morning Herald residents had brushed off the incident, and would be swimming as typical today.Sam’s feet were covered in small holes. When he wiped away the blood, it quickly reappeared once again.

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By James Felton