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IF YOU ‘RE an outright crisp fiend, then this is the dining establishment for you.A two-hour endless bag buffet is concerning Britain later this month, and it’s got all the retro snacks 90s kids could perhaps need.Stewart Williams-

The Sun Get your fill of Area Raiders at this all-you-can-eat crisp buffet It’s the very first pop-up restaurant of its kind, and will open in Bristol on August 30 and September 6. Tickets cost simply ₤ 10( buy them here)and organisers assure to have a steady supply of 30 ranges of 90s timeless crisps.These include Chip Sticks, Wheat Crunchies, Quarterbacks, Tangy Toms, French fries and Roysters-and Kenan and Kel would definitely like it.Mountains of dips, support will also be on deal-for a competitors to contend the supreme crisp sandwich.The great deal will be washed down with UM BUNGO cocktails and Mad Pet dog 20/20, while timeless 90s tunes will be blasting out.If Bristol’s a little far from you, Asda is presently selling three retro multi-packs of crisps for just ₤ 3. THE CHIPS ARE DOWN The number of crisps remain in YOUR favourite package? We test top treats to see which

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at newest healthy snacks on the market as it’s exposed Brits consume crisps and nuts seven times a week The deal includes Space Raiders, Disco, Frazzles, Chip Sticks and other treats.The Sun investigates the number of crisps you REALLY get in a bag IT ‘S CRUNCH TIME!An all-you-can eat retro crisp restaurant is concerning Britain … and

90s kids are going to LIKE it The diner provides a two-hour endless buffet, the supreme crisp sandwich competitors and your preferred 90s tunes