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President Donald Trump retweeted a meme shared by among his advocates Tuesday morning, showing an animation “Trump Train” running into an individual with CNN’s logo design for a head.

“Phony news cannot stop the Trump Train,” the text of the cartoon meme read.Trump’s decision to share the image triggered outrage from press reporters, who compared it to Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville.The president retweeted this image a bit back, days after a white nationalist smashed his car into activists and killed Heather Heyer!.?.!After a female was fatally run over at a white nationalist rally, the president shares a making of lady who is also active on Gab, an alternative Twitter for white nationalists!.?.!The president’s Twitter account reversed the retweet later on in the morning.The meme is taken from a Gary Varvel cartoon of Democrats unsuccessfully attempting to stop

the”Trump Train.”