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Protesters vandalized and tried to remove the Peace Monument in Piedmont Park in Atlanta on Sunday, mistaking it for a pro-Confederate statue.The protesters were marching in action to the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday where one female died after being deliberately struck by an automobile, and 2 police workers were killed when the helicopter they remained in crashed.” The Atlanta march traveled from Woodruff Park to Piedmont Park Sunday, where some damaged the Peace Monolith, set up in 1911, “a blog on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website stated.”The sculpture features an angel standing above a Confederate soldier, assisting him to lay down his weapon. “However the memorial attacked by protesters– some dressed in black and using

masks– was erected to motivate healing and reconciliation:”When the Civil War broke out, members of an Atlanta militia called the Gate City Guard were amongst the first to take up arms versus the North, “the AJC blog stated.”Later, some survivors entered into what would ultimately become the Georgia National Guard.” “Others, who felt they were too old to eliminate any longer, took up the cause for reconciliation,”inning accordance with AJC.” These men recognized a nationwide

recovery required to happen,”Thornton Kennedy, a history enthusiast in Atlanta, said about the inspiration

or the Peace Monolith.” They arranged a peace trip of the North, which is really exceptional,”Kennedy stated.”These were men who fought in the Civil War, versus Union troops.””They would go meet Union soldiers and began to fix those fissures the war created,”Kennedy stated.” It talks to exactly what we call the Atlanta spirit.”

“No one, naturally, suggests that 1911 Atlanta was the progressive bastion of equality, diversity and addition that modern-day Atlanta enjoys,”

the blog stated.”Jim Crow was the law of the land back then. The Civil liberty Act of 1964 was years away. Women were still 9 years from having the right to vote.”But those behind the monument seemed to be ahead of their time, the outlet reported.According to AJC,”The Peace Monument set up that year was something of precursor of

Atlanta’s credibility during the 1960s Civil liberty age as the’City Too Busy to Hate .

‘””I think Atlanta has actuallydone a pretty good job of putting the Civil War in context and proceeding from it,”Kennedy stated. “I do want everyone to know the history of that statue and understand that it genuinely is a peace monument. “”The former Gate City Guard has actually offered way to a civic group called the Old Guard of the Gate City Guard, whose members take part in historic ceremonies including an annual rededication of the Peace Monument,”AJC continued.Past commandant John Green informed the AJC he hopes the Peace Monolith will be brought back in time for this fall’s event.” We would like for people to understand exactly what it is,”he stated.