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(CNN)Leave it to Donald Trump to transform the Cabinet conference.

Donald Trump did something really various in his Cabinet conference Monday.
First, he evaluated the different supposed successes of his very first 143 days and made this amazing claim: “Never has actually there been a president … with couple of exceptions … who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things than I have.”

    What those entrants understood is the very same thing Trump’s Cabinet has actually now understood: Flattery will get you all over. Donald Trump’s preferred subject of discussion is Donald Trump. The very best method to discuss Donald Trump, if you wish to keep working for Donald Trump, is to applaud Donald Trump. The more excessive, the much better.
    Chuck Schumer fasted off the line to mock Trump with this re-creation of the Cabinet conference:
    There’s a propensity in Trump’s presidency to ignore or dismiss these smaller sized sorts of things. “Keep concentrated on the things that truly matters,” individuals tweet at me every day, throughout the day. (For liberals sending out those tweets, it’s about Russia and Trump’s financial resources. For conservatives, it’s Trump’s numerous achievements that are being apparently overlooked.)
    My contention is that things like this Cabinet conference– while completely irrelevant in regards to real policy– are deeply exposing about who Trump is and how he sees himself, individuals who work for him and the world. And how he sees all those things is this: With Trump at the center and everybody a spoke originating from his center.

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