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The United States Department of State provided a brand-new travel warning Tuesday for anyone planning a journey to specific locations of Mexico.The warning said Americans have been victims of violent crimes, such as murder, kidnapping, carjacking and robbery in a number of Mexican states. This brand-new caution changes a travel caution that was released for the country on Dec. 8, 2016.

“Weapon fights between competing criminal organizations or with Mexican authorities have occurred on streets and in public places during broad daylight,” the caution said.It likewise stated there is no evidence that Americans are being targeted because of their nationality which resort areas and tourist locations typically do not see a high level of drug-related violence and crime compared to surround areas or locations along major trafficking routes.The caution

stated kidnappings in Mexico have actually been done by physically kidnaping the victims until a ransom is paid, taking the victim for a brief time to take cash from an ATM prior to being released, or through an extortion-like plan where the victim is contacted by phone and pushed by hazards of violence versus loved ones.As for the murders
and carjackings pointed out in the warning, it said many involving U.S. citizens occurred in the evening on separated roads.The caution has a state-by-state evaluation as well and if you want to read it completely, you may do so by click on this link.

This caution seems unrelated to the Mexican government’s current crackdown on tainted alcohol that had actually been served at holiday resorts.

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