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Donald Trump advocates, apparently taking after their beloved serial-liar-in-chief, have actually been sharing numerous pictures around the internet claiming to show the ‘enormous’ crowds at the president’s campaign rally being held tonight in Phoenix. Indeed, why a sitting president is even holding a project rally a mere seven months into his term of workplace is baffling up until one thinks about the cacophony of egotism and megalomania that constantly reverberates around our president’s skull.With his supporters

on the ground in Phoenix currently having actually taken care of outright racism and promoting conservative terrorism, it was left to Mr. Trump’s online followers to complete the trifecta of Trumpism by spreading blatant misinformation.Here is a popular conservative tweeter attempting to pass off the Cleveland Cavaliers’victory parade as a crowd of adoring Trump fans. We couldn’t post the initial tweet because the snowflake erased her original post, most likely without any understanding that she herself was spreading the so-called “fake news”she and her fellow Trump supporters see in everything ever.Numerous other Trump supporters have actually shared the very same image, as well as others from the same Cavaliers triumph parade, as evidence of the’silent bulk’of Trump advocates. In truth, Trump’s rally drew a paltry crowd and the only throngs lining the streets outside the Phoenix Convention Center tonight were thousands upon thousands of upstanding Americans who heeded the moral call to object Trump’s hatred and bigotry.And, as constantly, the wits of the internet supplied at least a small silver lining to the horrifying scenes we see every day, this time through tweets showing various famous events captioned as Trump’s Phoenix rally: