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This post comes thanks to the patriots at America’s Flexibility Fighters. It was originally written by Sassy Liberty. It seems political correctness is not entirely an American problem, that bug has bitten Australia too. Presently, in Australia there is a project that has been launched to rename”Daddy’s Day “and the idea seems gaining traction amongst certain groups.The project is being spearheaded by a lady named Red Ruby Scarlet. Scarlet had a Ph. D in early childhood research studies and she believes that Father’s Day is highly unreasonable to kids that have no father present in their life. As a result of this, Scarlet is proposing that the name of the vacation be changed to “Unique Persons’ Day.”

Scarlet offered an interview with Adelaide’s “Today Tonight” tv news show. Throughout the interview, Scarlet was asked if “Special Individuals’ Day” was just for children without fathers, or if it was more inclusive than that.Scarlet specified in response–“There are children who have a dad, who also have a grandfather, as well as have an auntie as well as have other type of relatives.There are also a substantial variety of various household structures. We have single-parent households, satellite families, extended households, lesbian and gay households. “According to”Today Tonight “the idea is growing in assistance throughout the

country of Australia. This idea is even being implemented in some schools across the nation. Scarlet rejects that this is political correctness in any kind, rather specifying this is just”reasonable. “”Why are we calling this political accuracy when in fact it has to do with our rights? “She also declares there is a lots of research study to support her crazy talk and that this relocation need to not in any way be considered

controversial.” There’s a great deal of Australian research that has really informed a lot of global research … that has shown children’s capacity to be truly inclusive, once they understand about these ideas. And they believe,’Wow, why are individuals seeing this as a debate?'” Exactly what Scarlett does not appear to grasp is that her political correctness project of buffoonery that attempts to not”anger anyone”yet it will undoubtedly handle to upset a lots of families and dads, step dads, grandpas, and father figures throughout Australia and rightly it should. Dads matter a great offer in a child’s life in spite of the political right crazies attempting to lessen that.It seems no project is in the works in any effort to rename”Mom’s Day,”. Funny how Scarlett and others like her claim this is about “equality and fairness” when it is clearly nothing more than a collective effort to ruin the family

unit and supporter for lessening the function of daddies from the rearing of children.Check out this video! You can check out the America’s Liberty Fighters site by clicking right here.The post Liberals Now Wished to Eliminate’Fathers Day’-Here’s What They Want It Changed To appeared first on

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