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After all these months it’s still unclear whether or not Donald Trump knows he’s not on reality television.Since his inauguration

the male has actually made his fascination with scores and crowd size really clear, and on Tuesday when he visited Texas for a briefing on Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, he just couldn’t help himself from celebrating the truly excellent press that came out of the storm.During the trip to Corpus Christi, where Harvey made landfall, and Austin, Texas, Donald had two face palm-worthy minutes that left the world questioning why on earth he’s dealing with a natural catastrophe like an episode of truth television.One came when he stood atop a platform outdoors and admired the crowd prior to him.”What a crowd, exactly what a turnout,”

Trump stated into a microphone.Naturally, individuals saw the president taking time out from his speech on the storm to appreciate the crowd of people who pertained to hear him speak as problematic.According to a White Home swimming pool report, reporters on-site”heard no reference of the dead, passing away or displaced Texans and no expression of compassion for them” from Trump.

He simply communicated that the state of Texas would endure the storm.Earlier during the very same journey, Trump also thanked FEMA administrator Brock Wish for his service, saying he “has really become very famous on television over the last couple

of days. “Excuse us? Uh, yeah congrats to this FEMA administrator for getting some on-air time throughout a disastrous and extraordinary storm that’s displaced big numbers of individuals

. He’s probably really jazzed to have gotten this fame, even though it came at an awful cost, right? Nope.Twitter users agreed that Trump’s popularity and crowd turnout remarks were completely unsuitable, particularly provided the unfavorable scenarios surrounding his visit.But with members of Trump’s administrations filing in and out of the White Home as though they’re travelling through a revolving door, it definitely isn’t the very first time people have drawn the reality tv show comparison to his presidency.In fact, throughout Trump’s joint press conference with President of Finland Sauli Niinistö on Monday, he made a similarly controversial comment about rankings

. When asked why he decided to pardon Arpaio during the early hours of Hurricane Harvey– reportedly even prior to signing a major disaster declaration for the state of Texas– Trump stated he figured with the timing the rankings would be much greater than normal.What will occur on next week’s episode of Trump’s White Home!.?. !? Who understands, but the rankings with certainly be significant.