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< source data-srcset =",fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/zgibpnbvsyhcl9akkg8p.jpg "> Families leave of the water in west Houston Aug. 30, 2017, after being rescued from their flooded homes and apartments due to Cyclone Harvey. (Erich Schlegel/Getty Images)

As reports continue to roll in approximating the damage that Hurricane Harvey has actually caused to parts of Texas, the news that Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos supposedly turned down aid from our friends in Canada is beyond troubling.According to Pathos, Quebec Minister of International Relations Christine St-Pierre called Pablos to provide blankets, beds, pillows, hygienic products and electrical contractors, which were likewise provided to the U.S. during Hurricane Katrina, and this dumbass refused help that the individuals of Texas in fact need and rather asked just for prayers.

“It was a discussion about how ravaging the scenario is and we want to reveal our support to individuals of Texas,” the minister told CBC News, inning accordance with Pathos. “… Pablos decreased the aid, asking only for ‘prayers from individuals of Quebec.’ He was really touched by the reality we called him.”

I understand faith and the need to get closer to a higher power during a crisis, and I likewise comprehend hunger and being cold. And when someone calls and says, “Hey, I can feed you and get you warm once again,” I right away presume that my prayers have actually been answered. Pablos turned down the physical help, which may have in fact been God answering his prayers, to wait on God.As Pathos pointed out, perhaps authorities didn’t have the methods to handle a massive quantity of contributions. Maybe, since of the huge flooding, they have problem discovering storage facilities that can house all the products that Canada so kindly offered. Perhaps … yeah, I understand … fuck that, I attempted.

This reeks of being unable to permit a male ego to drop a few decibels to receive aid for people in a time of need. Pablos didn’t even request for donations, he asked for prayer!