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Several red balloons popped up overnight in a small Pennsylvania district, causing a mix of amusement and issue for residents and horror movie enthusiasts alike.The Lilitz Borough Cops Department said officers “want the local prankster to understand that we were totally horrified as we got rid of these balloons” connected to sewage system grates across town– a practice likewise seen in the film

“It, “which opens in theaters on Friday. The horror movie, which is adapted from a Stephen King novel, depicts an evil devil who handles the guise of a killer clown called Pennywise who stalks kids from within sewers, luring them with red balloons.

“I don’t think we have an accurate balloon count, however it’s certainly above 20,” Sgt. Stephen Detz with the Lilitz District Authorities Department informed CBS News. “They basically hit the whole town and the location around the town.”

Detz says there are some “It” fans within the department, so when officers saw the balloons they instantly caught the recommendation.

On Tuesday, the police department published about the “innovative” prank on Facebook. Almost 4,000 individuals shared the message.

“Browse ‘It’ and watch the preview, however we recommend seeing it with a good friend or colleague with all the lights on and the noise down low,” the department wrote. For some locals, the department’s post fixed something of a secret.

“I was wondering exactly what those balloons were for! I had no idea,” one woman wrote.

“Lititz is now formally the creepiest little town in America,” another commented.


“Please report suspicious activity to your regional police. If you see something say something,” the Lititz Borough Cops Department recommends.

Lititz Borough Police Department

While Detz admits the prank was “clever” and good promotion for the upcoming movie, he kindly asks those included to stop.

“I mean, someone eventually has to clean it up, certainly,” he stated. “We’ve eliminated a number of, but there are still a lot more out there.”

With the motion picture’s upcoming release and Halloween right around the corner, Pennsylvania State Cops likewise warned about possible clown sightings. In 2016, a wave of troubling clown sightings were reported in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

“The weird clown fad in September 2016 led to a minimum of a dozen [arrests] in Georgia, Alabama and Virginia for either participating in the menacing stunt or for making incorrect reports,” Pennsylvania State Cops said in a current bulletin.”With the fall of 2017 upon us, it is expected that similar ‘scary clown’ sightings might be reported beginning as soon as September, in part due to that the movie ‘It’ will be launched.”

The Lilitz police department also believes clown sightings might be just around the corner.

“There’s constantly that possibility, specifically with the appeal of this movie,” Detz said.Wearing a clown outfit is not a criminal offense, Detz reminds locals, but the person wearing the clothing needs to remember to act properly.”They ought to appreciate others borders. Simply wearing a clown mask or dressing up as a clown isn’t really a criminal activity– that’s when they start pestering or attacking individuals or things like that,” Detz stated.” If they are showing support for a film that’s not a problem. It’s when they start attempting to bother or irritate individuals with their presence.”