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Stephen Kings IT Didnt Just Break Records, It Shattered Them stephen king it fb Warner Bros/PA The virtues of Rotten Tomatoes are there for all to see. While studios blame it for turning people away, it really enables actually good films with a low PR budget to make it big.Just look

at something like Jordan Peele’s Get Out which was made for $4.5 million, made $175 million and was given a Rotten Tomatoes score of 99%. That’s a selling point whether major studios wish to confess it or not.Anyway, Stephen

King’s It was provided a very decent 87 %on Rotten Tomatoes and provided it currently had pretty strong PR with the entire killer clown episode last year and the fact they made Pennywise definitely terrifying, indicated it had a great opening weekend.Check out the trailer listed below: I say excellent, what I indicate is that

is definitely smashed all the box

workplace records for September and October.Already it has made around$123 million, which is more than any movie in between Labor Day and November

. It is also the second-biggest weekend for an R-Rated motion picture, behind only Deadpool. It’s likewise the biggest opening weekend for a horror movie ever, more than double the$ 52 million Paranormal Activity made and nearly triple 3rd location The Conjuring at $41 million.Add to that the record for the most significant opening day for a scary motion picture ever at $51 million and the highest Thursday night preview ever for a horror film at $13.5 million

and it’s easy to see just how well It is doing.Incredibly It has actually handled this following two of the worst weekends of this century at package office. It’s likewise doing this while America’s fourth most populated state, Florida, is on lockdown thanks to Hurricane Irma.So yeah, states everything really. Come down the movie theater and watch the biggest motion picture of the year.