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KIM Jong-un is “preparing North Korea for ANOTHER missing out on test” in the coming days in sabre-rattling reaction to UN sanctions.The rogue state

has actually been identified moving mobile rocket launchers and preparing test sites, inning accordance with US military sources. The United Nations Security Council voted all to enforce new sanctions on North Korea China’s United Nations Ambassador Liu Jieyi, left, talks to the UK’s U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft before the vote Kim Jong-Un’s crippled economy will be harmed a lot more as the new sanctions take hold With backing from China and Russia, the council voted earlier this week 15-0 to back the US-drafted restriction on fabric exports and limiting deliveries of fuel to Pyongyang.Now the US media is reporting that

military and intelligence services fear the despot leader could be preparing for another weapons test.NBC journalist Hans Nichols tweeted:”United States intel has observed N Korea prepping for a possible missile test in coming days, per 3 mil authorities. UN sanctions have not slowed program.”The UN relocation might drain millions of dollars from the currently paralyzed North Korean economy.North Korea’s foreign ministry condemned the steps “in the strongest terms “. SIMPLY IN: North Korea observed moving mobile missile launchers & preparing tough websites in last Two Days, per 3 U.S. senior military officials– NBC Politics (@NBCPolitics) September 13, 2017 United States intel has actually observed N Korea prepping for a possible missile test

in coming days, per 3 mil authorities. UN sanctions have not slowed program– HansNichols( @HansNichols) September 13, 2017 A furious declaration identified the move a”full-scale financial blockade”targeted at” suffocating”its state and people.This was”another prohibited and evil resolution on sanctions piloted by the United States”, it said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency.The ministry said:”The DPRK will redouble the efforts to increase its

strength to secure the nation’s sovereignty and right to existence.”North Korea scientists cheered at mass Pyongyang event after nuclear test Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said: “The global

neighborhood has actually shown it is unified versus the prohibited and careless acts by the North Korean routine.”It is their continued, prohibited and aggressive actions that have brought us to this point, and it is North Korea that must alter its course. “Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley stated on Monday that the United States is not trying to find war with North Korea, and that Pyongyang has”not yet passed the defining moment.””If it accepts

stop its nuclear program, it can reclaim its future. If it shows it can live in peace, the world will live in peace with it,”she told the UN Security Council after the council adopted the new sanctions.”Today’s resolution would not have occurred without the strong relationship that has established in between President

Trump and Chinese President Xi,”Haley stated. The UN Security Council voted 15-0 in favour of the new sanctions on fuel and fabrics North Korea’s rush to acquire a nuclear

toolbox has threatened world peace Kim Jong-Un commemorated his country’s development of the fatal H-bomb< a href =""> The Sun reported how Kim Jong-un’s despotic regime vowed to” make absolutely sure the US

pays due price”for squaring up to the nuclear-armed rogue state.North Korea detonated a big H-bomb in an underground test center in the north of the country last Sunday– and has vowed to launch an attack on the US Pacific island of Guam. China’s Earthquake Network Centre said a second 4.6 magnitude earthquake trembling as shockwaves were felt hundreds of miles away.New North Korea propaganda video celebrates its missile capability as tensions in area rise HONOUR KILLING Teenagers, 15 and 16, who attempted to elope ELECTROCUTED by their household after tribal judge ruled they were a’ symbol of’dishonour’NAKED AMBITION Nude design imprisoned for partially nude Egyptian temple shoot vows to keep removing off at holy sites as a’shout for females’s flexibility’NORTH KOREAN INSURGENCY US ‘quietly making plans to occupy North Korea after war’MOB STAR DEAD Frank Vincent dead aged 78 -Sopranos

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