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The web simply can’ t with Melania Trump .

The very first girl hosted a luncheon at the UN General Assembly Wednesday where she discussed securing our kids and teaching them about compassion and generosity. Individuals on Twitter rapidly advised her about her other half and his cyberbullying methods.

Yes, it was an engaging speech advising the international neighborhood to support kids and their rights and, in turn, guarantee them an appealing future. The speech actually focused on bullying , because that’s the very first girl’s huge platform.

“Nothing might be more worthwhile or immediate a cause than preparing future generations for the adult years with real ethical clearness and duty,” she stated throughout the address. “We should teach each kid the worths of compassion and interaction … which can just be taught by example.”

We’re a bit baffled — isn’t really she wed to among the most significant bullies around?

Donald Trump actually simply threatened North Korea, tweeted a violent GIF of him “assaulting” Hillary Clinton, and name-calls like nobody’s organisation. Which’s all in the previous week.

Twitter saw the paradox of Melania Trump offering a speech about not bullying while her other half does the specific reverse — particularly online with his media slamming and insults .

We’re all awaiting Melania to stroll the talk on avoiding bullying– beginning with her own partner.

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