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North Korea has maintained readiness to conduct a brand-new nuclear test at any time, a South Korean military official said on Friday, in the middle of a report of a possible test within days as Pyongyang defies global pressure.U.S.

and South Korean military surveillance possessions were carefully monitoring the North’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site on the reclusive state’s east coast, said the authorities, who decreased to be identified.Speaking by telephone

, the authorities also declined to comment on whether there were fresh signs pointing to an impending test.”North Korea is all set to carry out a nuclear

test at any time, depending on the management’s choice. We are keeping a close eye on its nuclear activities,”the official said.South Korea has understood that the North might move ahead with another test at any

time since it performed its last nuclear test in September.North Korea has performed 5 nuclear tests and a series of rocket launches, in defiance of UN sanctions, and is thought by experts and federal government officials to be working to establish nuclear-warhead rockets that might reach the United States.Fox News in the United States reported on Thursday that the North remained in the last phases of getting ready for another nuclear test, perhaps within the next few days.

The network mentioned U.S. officials with understanding of recent intelligence.It priced quote among the authorities as saying as stating the test could come as early as completion of the month.The Washington-based think tank 38 North stated in February satellite imagery revealed the North’s nuclear site continued low-level activity in a possible sign that it could conduct another test soon.

Nevertheless, it said it was unclear precisely when such a test may take place.The South Korean military has stated several times since the September test that Pyongyang was prepared to carry out another nuclear blast at any time, which a tunnel was offered at the website to do so.North Korea said last year it

had actually mastered the capability to install a warhead on a ballistic missile and has been ratcheting up a risk that its competitors and the United Nations appear powerless to contain.A North Korean missile appeared to have exploded just after

it was introduced on Wednesday, the most recent in a series of weapons tests that have actually alarmed the area.