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On Halloween, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted an image of his child Chloe dressed up for Halloween.

” I’m going to take half of Chloe’s sweet tonight &offer it to some kid who sat in the house,” the president’s child composed in the tweet . “It’s never ever to early to teach her about socialism.”

Yikes. (And to believe — didn’t Trump Jr. discover his lesson the last time he tweeted about sweet? )

Trump Jr.’s tweet backfired. Quick.

.When comparing the politics of trick-or-treating to socialism (I cannot think I simply had to compose that sentence), #ppppp> Trump’s tweet disregards about a million elements to think about. Much of the web enjoyed to notify Jr. exactly what his tweet got incorrect.

For beginners, simply … why? Why take a totally innocent thing like trick-or-treating and make it “dissentious and awful”?