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Eric Shawn reports: Carter Page, not me!

Former Trump consultant affirms in the Russia examination

A previous project consultant to President Donald Trump has actually affirmed that he had contact with a top-level Russian authorities while on a journey to Russia in 2015.

In a records launched Monday by the House Intelligence Committee, Carter Page , who was a diplomacy consultant to Trump when he was a prospect, informed the committee he “ briefly stated hi to ” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich when he took a trip to Russia for a speech.

Page likewise informed the panel he had actually notified some members of the Trump project about the journey, and he had actually prepared to share details with them about exactly what he had actually found out.

Page typically has actually been inconsistent about whom he fulfilled on the journey, however his testament Thursday throughout a prolonged, behind-closed-doors look was under oath.

Page stated throughout his statement Thursday that he notified then-U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions about a journey he made to Russia throughout the 2016 governmental election.

His testament Thursday likewise opposed previous remarks by Jeff Sessions, now U.S. chief law officer in the Trump administration, who was a leading Trump project surrogate in 2016.

In July, Sessions informed the Senate Intelligence Committee that he didn’ t understand whether Page had actually taken a trip to Russia.

Page stated he had no individual info about Russian election disturbance.

Page affirmed Thursday without a legal representative present. He invoked his Fifth Amendment right versus self-incrimination when asked why he had actually not turned over files to your house committee, which is examining Russian disturbance in the election, Fox News formerly reported.

The Associated Press added to this report.