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President Donald Trump wishes to award news outlets a “ phony news prize ” for exactly what he views as “ dishonest ” and “ corrupt ” media protection of him.

In a strange Monday tweet, Trump stated he thinks there must be a contest where news outlets like ABC, NBC, CNN– however not Fox News– complete to see who has the most “ unethical, distorted and/or corrupt ” protection of “ your preferred President(me). ”

The winner of this fictional contest would get the “ phony news prize ” that might be happily shown to name a few awards. Trump did not define how the contest would be performed or who or exactly what would identify the winner of the prize.

“ We must have a contest regarding which of the Networks, plus CNN and not consisting of Fox, is the most unethical, distorted and/or corrupt in its political protection of your preferred President (me). They are all bad. Winner to get the FAKE NEWS TROPHY! ” Trump composed .

Trump ’ s fixation on so-called “ phony news ” is absolutely nothing brand-new. He continuously slams journalism and at one point identified members of the media the “ opponent of the American individuals . ”

The president consistently blasts wire service for protection of him. Just in uncommon circumstances have news outlets withdrawed stories about Trump, so it appears that any news about him that he doesn’ t like certifies as “ phony. ”

Last month, Trump prompted Congress to examine U.S. media outlets to see “ why a lot of our news is simply made up-FAKE! ”

While Trump ’ s war versus the media may fire up some members of his base, it doesn ’ t appear to be as effective as it as soon as was. A survey last month by Reuters and Ipsos discovered that 48 percent of Americans had a “ good deal ” or “ some ” self-confidence in the media , up from 39 percent in November following Trump ’ s election.

Public Policy Polling likewise tweeted out that Americans have the tendency to rely on the primary media networks over Trump.

ABC. ABC, 54/36
CBS. CBS, 54/36
NBC. NBC, 54/36
New York City Times. New York City Times, 54/37
CNN. CNN, 52/37
Washington Post. Washington Post, 52/37

— PublicPolicyPolling (@ppppolls) November 27, 2017