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North Korea’s ballistic missile test on Monday was its ninth this year, the South Korean military states, in a continuous challenge to new leaders in both the United States and South Korea. An appearance at key advancements:

Jan. 20: Donald Trump inaugurated as U.S. president.Feb.

12: North Korea tests a new midrange ballistic missile, the Pukguksong-2. It says the missile utilized strong fuel, an advance that increases a weapon’s movement and makes it harder for outsiders to discover a coming launch.March 6: North

Korea fires four ballistic missiles that fly about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles). Three land in waters near Japan. It later on says it was imitating nuclear strikes on U.S. military bases in Japan.April 5: North Korea fires a rocket on the eve of a meeting between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. The rocket flies about 60 kilometers (40 miles) prior to falling under the sea.April 16: North

Korea fires a rocket off its east coast, but the launch obviously stops working. U.S. authorities say the missile was likely a KN-17, a brand-new Scud-type missile.April 29: South

Korean and U.S. officials say a North Korean midrange ballistic missile, probably a KN-17, stopped working shortly after launch.April 30: Trump calls North Korean leader Kim Jong Un”a quite wise cookie “in a U.S. tv interview for having the ability to keep power after taking over at a young age.May 10: Liberal Moon Jae-in is inaugurated as South Korea’s president. He states he wishes to improve ties with North Korea.May 14: North Korea test-fires its freshly established Hwasong-12 missile, which

it says can bring a heavy nuclear warhead. Outsiders see the launch as a major step forward due to the fact that of the height it reached. Moon reveals deep remorse over the launch.May 21: North Korea again checks the solid-fuel Pukguksong-2. The missile flies about 500 kilometers(310 miles

)before falling into the ocean.May 26: Moon’s government states it will permit a South Korean civic group to contact North Korea to assist combat malaria. It’s the very first federal government approval of a cross-border civilian exchange considering that January 2016. May 29: South Korean and Japanese authorities say North Korea fires a short-range ballistic rocket that lands in Japan’s maritime financial zone.The post Timeline: North Korea missile introduces test United States, South Korea appeared initially on WTOP.