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Have you ever questioned how Mike Pence , a guy who in all other matters appears to put religious beliefs initially, keeps supporting a lying, jagged, bullying, implicated (and confessed) sexual attacker like Donald Trump ?

You aren’t the only one!

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According to a profile on the Vice President in the brand-new December/January problem of The Atlantic, Second Lady Karen Pence was “disgusted” by the Access Hollywood tape. A previous project assistant remembers about her sensations towards Trump:

“She discovers him wicked– simply absolutely repellent.”

You ain’t alone, sibling! When we can reach throughout the aisle and discover things in typical, it’s good.

Pence was obviously horrified also, however you understand how that chooses the contemporary Republican Party. Revolted one minute, tossing your assistance back behind a sexual predator the next

[Image through J. Scott Applewhite/Pool by means of CNP/ Media Punch ]

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