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Trump'' s Christmas card, which hardly suits this design template.
Image: splinter

Donald Trump is consumed with size and stating “Merry Christmas,” so it’s just fitting he ‘d integrate his 2 likes to send a stupidly big Christmas card.

To commemorate the holiday, Trump sent out Congress a card — which appears like a regular, friendly thing to do — however it’s Trump so certainly things were a bit off.

How so? Well, the card’s freakin’ substantial!

A source provided Splinter a main take a look at Trump’s vacation card, and pictures plainly reveal nobody is overemphasizing about the size.

Here’s a picture of the card with a cent on top for contrast. This thing appears like a tiny poster board bent in half, are you joking? When you desire to win the preferred aunt/uncle title, it’s like one of enormous those joke cards you get a niece or nephew for their birthday. This is not how you do Christmas cards.

Image: splinter

In case the card by itself wasn’t enough of a laugh, here’s another shot of it together with Barack Obama’s 2016 White House Christmas card.

Essentially it would take 8 of Obama’s cards to make among Trump’s card unfolded.

Trump’s Christmas poster vs Obama’s Christmas card.

Image: splinter

It stays uncertain exactly what the contents of the card are or whether a photo of the Trump household is consisted of. There’s most likely a great possibility it simply states MAGA in extremely big print.

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