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Earlier today Vice President Mike Pence applauded President Donald Trump every 12.5 seconds for 3 minutes straight throughout a cabinet conference.

The remarks echoed an earlier cabinet conference in June where Trump permitted his whole group to hang out admiring him.

His consistent appreciation of Trump was completely recorded and mocked , however the Twitter manage for had their own enjoyable.

“There’s a word for an individual who would applaud somebody every 12 seconds,” composed, connecting to the meaning of “sycophant” and hashtaging “VP” and “Pence.”

A fast tip: sycophant is specified as” a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite,”inning accordance with the site.

The political jab didn’t agree with some Twitter users, who rapidly stated they would be following Merriam Webster rather of because of the Pence trolling.

Except they may not enjoy with Merriam Webster either.