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Hi there! Invite back and Happy New Year. Exactly what an insane 2017? Time for a new beginning and expect a much better 2018! Here’s to a quieter, calmer year ahead filled with pleasure and hope and possibly, simply possibly, a possibility to reconci-

Oh no.

Dear God no.

He’s back on Twitter.

Any hope that President Trump would either desert or a minimum of cut down on his tweetstorms in the New Year was simply wishful thinking. As he explained over the weekend, Trump will continue to utilize social networks as a method to prevent “phony news,” whatever that indicates in 2018.

After an active weekend in between golf video games, Trump is back to presenting the very same formula from 2017, and 2016 prior to that, and 2015 prior to that, and so on etc: tweeting out criticisms of Obama , “Crooked Hillary” Clinton , another “Rocket Man” burn, and a little bit of shade at the “ Failing New York Times .

He even handled a tweet that was an unusual Trump Twofer, discussing both “The Wall” and Fox &&Friends in the exact same post. Excellent work.

But possibly none was surreal as the president obviously taking credit for a safe 2017 in industrial air travel.

Now, nobody must ever error these tweetstorms as some sort of “4 dimensional chess,” as the media prefers to call such interruptions. No, this is more like a young child simply banging pans and pots and overturning trash bin in an effort to be as devastating and disruptive as possible.

But this definitely ludicrous claim of credit reveals that Trump is still definitely everything about puffing out his chest, even if it’s over absolutely nothing.

The coming year is going to be a difficult one for Trump. For beginners, there are the looming midterm elections in November. As well as though that appears a long method off, Democrat gets towards completion of 2017 and other survey numbers reveal that Trump and the GOP — who have actually connected themselves to Trump, sink or swim — have a huge uphill struggle ahead.

There’s likewise the Robert Mueller Russia Investigation and continuous fights in Congress that will be ratcheted up thanks to those upcoming midterms.

TL; DR, the sound will be originating from Trump quick and furious over the next 12 months without any decreasing. He’s currently sent out 12 tweets in the very first 36 hours of the year (which, if he continues to tweet at this speed, theorizes out to approximately 2,920 tweets for the year, or around 8 tweets a day).

So, that signal-to-noise ratio none people have been excellent with over the previous numerous years throughout Trump’s increase to power? Yeah, we’re absolutely going to have to figure that a person out.

And quickly.

It’s not getting any quieter.

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