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Several days after Donald Trump apparently explained Haiti and African countries as “ shithole nations ” in front of legislators, he’ s still dealing with pushback . The African Union required an apology , however some are planning to see what Trump needs to state about how Wakanda.

Taking to Twitter, author and comic Sara Benincasa provided reporters $300 to ask Trump how he feels about the relationship in between the United States and Wakanda– the imaginary African nation that’s the home of the Marvel superhero Black Panther. She understood after seeing the Black List creator Franklin Leonard tweet a concern to Trump about Wakandan relations.

She even had pointers on how reporters might manage asking a phony concern like this.

Now you’ re going to wish to practice your poker face. I indicate you ’ re going to be so delighted when youget the chance to do this as well as you ’ re going to wish to laugh truly hard. I would recommend that you start looking at yourself in the mirror instantly and stating it aloud.

-- Sara Benincasa (@SaraJBenincasa) January 13, 2018

Marvel's Wakanda, a deceptive nation that ’ s even more technically sophisticated than the United States, is on fans' minds in part due to the fact that we'll see it brought to life next month in the extremely prepared for Black Panther film . If Trump were to try a real response on U.S./ Wakandan relations, the president would humiliate himself by unknowning that Wakanda doesn’ t exist. It ’ s most likely Trump isn ’ t captured up on Marvel comics or motion pictures, so he wouldn’ t learn about Wakanda or its ruler, T’ Challa.

Though reporters are not likely to take the bait, it wouldn’ t be the very first time Trump blended truth and fiction. He just recently well known providing F-52 fighter jets-- a design that just exists in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare-- to Norway and appeared to refer to “ Nambia, ” an African nation that doesn’ t exist, throughout a luncheon with African leaders. (According to the White House records from the occasion, Trump was expected to state “ Namibia ” in his remarks.)

Trump hasn’ t held a solo interview in almost a year, so chances for journalism to ask Trump concerns are restricted to joint interview-- where Trump can contact a handful of press reporters-- and circumstances where they can scream concerns as he ’ s ready to board an airplane or enter into a vehicle. Apart from policy concerns, there many scandals and debates surrounding the Trump administration that press reporters wish to inquire about. A joke concern about Wakanda is not likely to be a top priority. Plus there ’ s a possible concern of principles, however Benincasa does state that the recipient might contribute the cash to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

And as Benincasa notes, she simply wished to make individuals laugh-- although if somebody does pull it off, she will pay them.

I ’ m severe about the cash deal however rather honestly I simply wished to make you all laugh today since I understand we are under tension whenever we take a look at the damn news, much less attempt to lead our lives. Thanks for breaking me up with your #wakandagate remarks you are amusing.

-- Sara Benincasa(@SaraJBenincasa) January 13, 2018

Of course, press reporters aren't the only opportunity to obtaining Trump's attention. Someone Trump follows on Twitter might discuss it, or it might show up on Fox &Friends. How wouldthe president react? Who even understands?


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