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Billy Bush:’Of course’it’s Donald Trump’s voice on tape

Former NBC host Billy Bush pens an op-ed in’The New York Times’slamming Donald Trump for questioning the authenticity of the Access Hollywood video footage where the then-Apprentice host extolled sexually attacking females.

Billy Bush has actually needed to restore his whole life after the notorious President Trump mess that caused his ouster from the”Today” program in 2016.

The TELEVISION character informed People Magazine on Wednesday that he has actually assessed the fiasco that cost him his profession and credibility.

On Oct. 7, 2016, Bush was heard on a years-old “Access Hollywood “taping with Trump going over females in a salacious way.

“I was ashamed and embarrassed. Since I lost my profession, and then I went through phases of grieving. For a guy, that ’ s the supreme destruction, “stated the 46-year-old.

However, the dad of 3 children is taking duty in the function he played in the tape heard worldwide.

“I have actually done so much self-help work. There is a term for exactly what I did. It ’ s called onlooker abuse. It states by refraining from doing anything you are backing the minute. I need to deal with that,”stated Bush.

Additionally, the previous broadcaster states he would never ever desire his children dealt with in a degrading way.

” I have 3 children. They are going to remain in the office one day. I desire them to be paid similarly, I desire them to be dealt with well when they go out of a space I wear ’ t wish to ever hear anybody talking behind their back in a degrading method, “described Bush.

Although, he has actually gone through a hard 15 months Bush declares he has actually discovered a lot.

” I had some maturing to do anyhow in life,”stated Bush.”I did so much figuring and checking out out. I ’ m a much deeper individual. And I ’ m delighted about utilizing my understanding for an excellent function. ”

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