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We understood Donald Trump was discussing Stormy Daniels someplace

POTUS has actually been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter relating to his affair with the pornography star so we’re not amazed to discover that he’s been talking about it behind closed doors with his assistants.

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According to reports, the 71-year-old has actually been rejecting claims about his hotel spanking by stating Stormy isn’t really his type. Ha.

The expert meals:

“Privately, the president has actually lobbed sharp attacks at Daniels and her media trip, calling her accusations a ‘ scam’ and asking confidants if the episode is injuring his survey numbers. The president even has actually griped to numerous individuals that Daniels is not the kind of lady he discovers appealing.”

Further, Trump “personally did not believe Daniels appeared trustworthy” on 60 Minutes, and does not think his base will desert him amidst her claims.

We’re uncertain how anybody can work for him, not to mention make love with him, however here we are .

[Image by means of CBS ]

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