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Donald Trump met with the families of young murder victims and showed his compassion by… signing the photos of their dead children.

We just… WHAT??

The POTUS was holding a rally to keep his base’s fear of immigration whipped up, gathering together families who had children who had been killed by an illegal immigrant.

You know, to make it seem like every immigrant is on a murder spree — never mind that statistically undocumented immigrants commit fewer crimes than American citizens

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Just keep telling them to be afraid of a crisis that doesn’t exist so you can push your racist agenda. Ugh. He even referred to the murdered children as “permanently separated” from their families in case the message was too subtle for anyone.

But even within that context Trump couldn’t pretend to be a damned human being for an hour as his attempt at being intellectually dishonest fell apart at the intellectual part.

Several who were able to stomach the rally noticed something very strange — Trump’s signature on all the portraits the families held up of their murdered children! Look (below)!

You don’t have to be a handwriting expert to see that’s his distinctively jagged signature:

What the serious hell, man?

[Image via White House/YouTube.]

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