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The actor is making a show on Viceland called The Hunt for the Trump Tapes, and now we have a better idea of his goal. No, it’s not the pee tape — he’s trying to get tapes from behind the scenes of Celebrity Apprentice!

He told Politico‘s Off Message podcast:

“My whole goal, really, is to get one 12-hour day of the boardrooms shoot. Because if America could see that, they’d know what’s going on in the White House right now, how incompetent the guy is. That’s really my goal.

It’s not to hear one N-word. And by the way, you’d hear much worse than that.”

Arnold is of course referring to claims from during the election of NBC having audio of Trump using racial epithets. The idea it could be worse?

Well, actually we can’t say we’re surprised anymore.

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How is he going to get it though? Producer Mark Burnett reportedly has a $5 million penalty for leaking unaired footage.

One strategy is in response to Trump trying to discredit him — or sue for defamation as he so likes to threaten. Arnold says he has a legal strategy in place to get what he wants through the discovery process:

“The second he says my name, we’re going to fucking go in to Mark Burnett, and he has to open it up for me. Because I know exactly the episodes. I know exactly what I’m going to do.”

Maybe that’s why Tom Arnold of all people hasn’t gotten a personal mention on Trump’s Twitter, as Stormy Daniels also avoided for so long. They both have something legitimate on him.

How ludicrous would it be if the star of The Stupids took down the POTUS?? Arnold knows better than anyone. He said:

“Donald Trump is a D-list fucking president, and his enemies are D-list, like Tom Arnold.”

Gotta appreciate that level of self-deprecation! LOLz!

[Image via Joel Ginsburg/WENN.]

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