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Song satirist Randy Rainbow targeted Donald Trump for an old-fashioned takedown following the president’s widely lambasted comments at a press conference Monday with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Tweaking the Gilbert and Sullivan number “I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major-General” from 1879′s “The Pirates of Penzance” comic opera, Rainbow deftly reworks the lyrics to skewer Trump.

“To all our greatest allies he decides to say ‘get outta here’/While doing all he can to satisfy his daddy Vladimir,” Rainbow sings in the “Very Stable Genius” number posted on Monday.

And of course, Rainbow cuts him down to size in poking fun at Trump calling himself a “very stable genius.”

“And though his brain is smaller than his tiny little ‘penius,’ he’s the very model of a very stable genius,” Rainbow sings.

Watch the fun above.

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