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This has got to be the greatest scam since Donald Trump winning the presidency! (It’s election day and we’re riled up. #Sorrynotsorry) 

A black college student from the Midwest scammed the GOP out of MAGA Twitter by pretending to be a Trump supporter who was cut off by her family. The genius woman, who goes by the name Karen, shared her social media sting on her Twitter account, claiming that the scheme began once she found MAGA bucket hat outside. 

Karen told Elle that she took a couple pictures in the hat “before [her] head started burning” and posted the pics on her Twitter, joking that she was coming out as a “black Republican.”

The MAGA pretender said she wrote the tweet to “make fun of” another black girl who posted about being a black Trump supporter. But Trump Loving Twitter took her tweet very seriously. So, Karen did what any other sane-minded American would do: scam her new MAGA fans.

In a follow-up tweet, Karen claimed she was cut off by her parents for her political beliefs and encouraged her new GOP supporters to donate to her GoFundMe page so she would be able to pay for college. The scam worked: Karen cashed in around $150,000 from people who thought they were backing the next Candace Owens.

According to Karen, the MAGA bucks poured in thanks to good ol’ fashioned white guilt from her Republican donors. She explained to Elle:

“[The Republican Party] needs black faces. so they throw money at any black person that says they support Trump so that people stop thinking of them as the ‘racist party’ But it’s never going to happen… They also fail to realize that they don’t have to outwardly hate black people to be racist, because they still create policies and laws that keep black people poor and unsupported. Especially the three strikes law that they love to uphold, and it does nothing but send poor black and brown people to jail for the rest of their lives. But we’re supposed to ignore that and say that suddenly they’re not racist because they paid a black girl’s tuition? It’s laughable.”

Eventually, Karen was busted and her GoFundMe page was shut down, but not before she cashed out with a large sum of MAGA dough.

Once Karen’s fans realized they were being scammed, their true racist colors showed. She added:

“Yes, people haven’t hesitated to call me racial slurs, say that I’m just a ‘welfare bitch’ and not even in school, people telling me I’m going to jail (I’m not, my lawyer says I’m 100% okay), but there’s also overwhelming support and people that stan me which really cancels out the hate.”

Who says you can’t get anything out of the opposing political party?

[Image via Twitter.]

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