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Despite the national emergency that is supposedly rocking the nation, President Donald Trump has been on a roll this week attacking late-night hosts after Fox & Friends happened to quote some criticism from former Tonight Show host Jay Leno.

The latest Fox-inspired tweet posted by the president Thursday morning read, The three very weak and untalented late night hosts are fighting over table scraps. Carson did a great job, it wasnt political. I dont know what theyre going to do in 2024 when hes no longer President? Will be wacky in the unemployment line.

First of all, sir, three very weak and untalented late-night hosts? Stephen Colbert responded in his monologue. It is not just 11:30 on network anymore: James Corden, Seth Meyers, Sam Bee, Conan, Desus and Mero… are just as weak and untalented as me and the double Jim-Jims. I mean, for Pete's sake, John Oliver is so weak he has to wear a hidden whale-bone strut in his jacket just to hold up his giant British noggin.

And what do you mean, what are we going to do when are you not president? the Late Show host asked. Well, first there's the parade. Then, there is the national orgy. And then I'm thinking maybe a sandwich and a nap.

There were late-night shows before were you president, there will be late-night shows after are you gone, he concluded. Just watch and seeif the warden gives you TV privileges.

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